We produces, develops and sells high quality sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes for all possible uses. Our commitment to quality and customer service has ensured the ABN Brand is now recognized in the world.

Global Distribution

Our products are shipped directly from our distribution centre which is located in Padalarang, Indonesia. Exports market to USA, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italia, France, Ukraine, Turkey, Middle East, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa and Australia.


Our products manufactured from the finest components, e.g., an inflation bladder, bulb, cuff and gauge movements that withstand the toughest use. Proprietary features that combine to provide unsurpassed performance and durability. Our commitment is making sure that you receive the best quality product. Our quality experts follow thoroughly testing procedures and strict inspecting process are reflected in our extended warranties.

Best Quality of Natural Latex and Neoprene Products for Blood Pressure Instruments
- Finest Materials - Made from natural latex and syntethic latex comply with ASTM standard
- Specially Formulated with antioxidants for best resistance against accelerated aging
- Passed physical properties testing Tensile strength, modulus 500% and elongation at break for performance guarantee
- High durability
- Regularly ensured by in-house test up to 60,000 cycles
- Biocompatibility tested based on ISO10993-1 for usage safety
High Durability of Cuff and Bladderless Cuff for Blood Pressure Instruments
- Durable nylon material with hook and loop fastener tested up to 20000 cycles
- For use with aneroid or mercurial blood pressure instruments
- Nylon Cuff Regular available in 6 sizes, adult size available in 8 colors
- Bladderless Cuff available in 5 sizes in 2 colors
- DEHP (Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate) and BPA (Bhispenol A) free
- ISO, FDA, & CE certified
- Comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
Best Performance of Manometer Gauges - Made from precision crafted, 300 mmHg no pin stop manometer
- Passed standard testing of ±3 mmHg at five different test points of 300, 240, 180, 120 and 60 for accuracy
- Nylon Cuff Regular available in 6 sizes, adult size available in 8 colors
- Passed endurance test - putting them through 20000 inflation cycles based on ANSI

Test and Calibrations

A random sampling of gauges from every shipment is put through rigorous life test of maximum of 20.000 full inflation/deflations cycles. Our gauges are meticulously tested and must pass standard of ±3 mmHg at five different test points of 300, 240, 180, 120 and 60 before the products ship to you. While to ensure the life cycles of inflation cuff, we test them through the Velcro testing machine. Cuff hook and loop adhesive tested up to 20000 cycles. To ensure the acoustical performance in our stethoscopes, both high and low frequency sounds are randomly tested for optimal sound sensitivity


We offer you only the highest quality instruments in our diverse product line. For this reason, we can confidently offer an expansive warranty program. In addition to being backed by replacement part warranties, our sphygmomanometers are also backed by a considerable calibration warranty, simply send in your sphygmomanometer and we will professionally calibrated it for you. You can feel confident that every product you buy from us is priced competitively, fairly and exceeds your quality expectations.


Our products are carefully designed to meet the professional needs and truly inspected with the International Quality Control Standards. The design, excellent performance and high durability are the criteria that meet our goals and it has been proven why we received the International Quality Product recognitions such as FDA-510K for USA and CE for Europe as well as ISO 13485: 2003 certification for our quality management.