Why my aneroid sphygmomanometer can’t be inflated after it being pumped?

The most common cause is that the air releasing valve (ARV) is not closed yet. Please make sure that the ARV fully closed prior to use. You can simply turn the ARV’s knob clockwise.

How do I know that my aneroid sphgymomanometer is accurate?

For accurate measurement, it is not necessary for the gauge needle to rest at zero point but please make sure that the gauge needle rest within the area of zero square prior to use. The zero square itself reflects the warranty for accuracy, i.e. ± 3 mmHg.

How long my sphygmomanometer unit will be durable for?

For mercurial sphygmomanometer, there is no exact period of durability. The mercury somehow will evaporate over time and loss its volume. It can be replaced to keep the allowed volume for proper measurement preserved. Do not this procedure by your own, please contact professional to refill the mercury.

For aneroid sphygmomanometer, the unit is durable for up to 10,000 times of usage. The movement parts inside the gauge will slowly worn-out over time. The unit might be still working after it reached 10,000 times of usage but there is no warranty that the reading still remains accurate. Please replace your aneroid sphygmomanometer unit with the new one for proper measurement.

Is it necessary to use cuff with proper size?

Yes. The wrong cuff size will lead to inaccurate blood pressure measurement since the initial pressure given for the measurement may vary depends on how large the arm circumference is. Please choose the right cuff size by making sure that the white index line is in the range between the arrows after the cuff has been put on.

Should my sphygmomanometer unit be calibrated periodically?

Yes, indeed. Please have your sphygmomanometer be calibrated regularly for at least once a year. Contact us or qualified professional to perform the calibration.