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Stethoscopes : Toonscope Stethoscope
The Multifrequency Stethoscope with Fresh Look

Product Features
- The "New look" single head stethoscope with seven loveable cartoon animal face of the chestpiece head: Wild Tiger, Baby Bear, Curious Monkey, Clever Deer, Leap Frog, Cuddly Koala and Snuggle Panda.
- Stethoscope designed for professional performance by build-in sound centralized.
- Multifrequency design switches between diaphragm retaining ring-like low frequency and diaphragm-like high frequency performance simply by altering pressure.
- Deluxe binaural with inner spring and chestpiece made from plastic-steel.
- Overall length 770 mm.

Ordering Information

Size Color Cat. No.
Adult Please Specify TS-181-xx
Child Please Specify TS-185-xx

Color choices :

 Yellow Light Blue
Frosted Green

Note :
To choose color choices, replace “xx” suffix with a color code selected. (i.e.: TS-181-LB)


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