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Sphygmomanometer Parts : Gauges and Replacement Parts

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Description Cat. No.
ABN™ Chrome Deluxe Gauge 200-427-010
ABN™ Indo Gauge Reguler 200-428-020
ABN™ Indo Gauge Adjustable 200-429-030
ABN™ Econo Gauge 200-430-040
ABN™ Palm Gauge 200-430-000
ABN™ Palm Lite 200-431-000
ABN™ Clock Gauge 200-440-000



Gauges Replacement Part

Description Cat. No.
Crystal for Aneroid Gauge 200-419-000
Crystal for Clock Gauge 200-420-000
Crystal Retaining Ring 200-421-000
Spring, Clip, and Pin Assembly 200-422-000



Innovated Products for Valued Customers. We proudly present our nice quality product series of Sphygmomanometers and Stethoscopes with the high flexibility set up to serve for satisfaction and long term reliability.

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